Sign up either as a job seeker or a Kwalifier. Kwalifiers get paid for helping people find jobs by making Kwalified referrals. A job seeker pays ONLY for a successful referral and according to the fee schedule.

ANSWER: Anyone who has at least three years of current experience in any field; in other words, you have moved beyond an entry level to an 'experienced' level of proficiency in your profession.

ANSWER: Unlike recruiters, Kwalifiers are experts in the job seeker's field with an established reputation and current connections. The interests of the Kwalifier are much better aligned with those of the job seeker because Kwalifiers are not paid by employers, like recruiters are.

ANSWER: ABSOLUTELYand as long as he meets the eligibility criteria. 


The system matches up Kwalifiers with job seekers in their field. Both parties are notified once a match is found. A Kwalifier will first review the job seeker information, and then initiate a "GET TO KNOW YOU" call.

The Kwalifier will assess whether the candidate is a good match to a position she knows of, or alternatively, she may reach out to her network to find new opportunities for a candidate she really likes.


A Kwalified referral occurs when a Kwalifier presents the candidate to a hiring manager along with the top 3 reasons why he believes the candidate is a great match for the position and should be seriously considered.

A Kwalified referral greatly improves a job seeker's chance of receiving an employment offer.

ANSWER: Kwalified recommends first making a phone call and then submitting via email.

ANSWER: Kwalifiers are respected professionals in their field, and usually know the hiring manager. Kwalifiers put their reputation on the line each time they make a referral. As a result, their personal endorsement means a lot to hiring managers

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