Searching for a job can be lonely and stressful. Kwalified puts successful working professionals at the service of YOU, the job seeker, helping you gain access to both published and unpublished job opportunities, greatly improving your chances of landing the best job possible.


Often, the jobs people land have more to do with who they know than with one’s talent and ability. Kwalified levels the playing field so that talented people who are looking for work can find the rewarding positions they deserve.

We make it possible for people to find their 'dream' job!​

Now, everyone fortunate enough to be gainfully employed can help job seekers find their dream jobs, and in doing so not only be financially rewarded but also internally and socially rewarded by becoming an influencer within their work community.

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If you are either looking for a new job or want to help others find a great job, we invite you to join in. Heck, tell your friends about us and have them join as well!

We want to be evolving Kwalified with you, and based on your feedback, so your suggestions are greatly and always(!) appreciated.


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