The concept behind Kwalified came to me one day as I was searching for job opportunities that didn’t materialize as quickly as I had hoped. I have never had one of those ‘straight arrow’ careers, where you start at an entry position and slowly work your way to higher levels of responsibility in one particular field.

Rather, my career reflects my interests and personality, which always craved challenge and change; which is probably the reason why the fields I’ve chosen to study, lie somewhere at the intersection of several other fields like management, psychology, engineering, business and philosophy.

My breadth of experience turned out to be both my strength and weakness when looking for a job. Very quickly I realized I don’t have as many useful professional connections as I’d like to in the field of work I was targeting as my next career move.

My greater network of friends and contacts wasn’t as helpful either: most people were either too busy or too distant from the field I was targeting, and those that did connect me with potential leads, did not necessarily have open or suitable positions.

I tried applying online and it proved to be a huge time sinkhole, anonymous and overcrowded.

Of course I already knew what works best: an insider endorsement.

Isn’t this how most people get jobs anyhow? Isn’t this why companies have employee referral programs?

I kept telling myself ‘I wish there was a way I can offer working professionals who hold positions in my target field an incentive to talk to me, and then introduce me to hiring managers’.

You might say necessity led to the birth of Kwalified. I believe the frustrations I experienced with my personal job hunt are not unique. There must be many people like myself who want to extend their professional networks, and who are willing to pay for a successful referral that lands them a better job than they would have otherwise been able to find on their own and in the timeframe they are looking.

Kwalified simply allows you to cast a wider net when making a career move. You should feel more in charge, and as the network grows and the number of registered Kwalifiers increases, each job seeker can be matched to an increasing pool of motivated professionals in their field who really want to help.

These professionals come across opportunities everyday through their usual workday. You will become ‘top of mind’ to your Kwalifiers.

In a world where positions get filled before external candidates ever hear about them, it is an advantage you cannot afford NOT to have.

Whether you are a job seeker or gainfully employed, Kwalified has something great to offer you. Don't waste another moment.  

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Kwalified LLC, a Delaware corporation (State File Number: 634756) is the brainchild of Dr. Haya Morgenstern (, who formulated the concept drawing on her personal experience as a job seeker.

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